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    Explore your true, God-given identity with this 365 day devotional.  Knowing who we are connects us to our purpose, shapes the way we live, and affects our relationships - with God and with other people. But sadly, our true identities get hidden by other badges and labels that life sticks on us, meaning what we end up believing about ourselves so often differs to what is really true. This book will help you hear God speak to you about who He says you are and engage with the amazing truth about you.

    • Book Format

      The weekly sections in this book look at different aspects of our identity as daughters, and His as a Father, and they can be done in any order. Every week, there's a reading, an activation and a suggestion for prayer for each of the first 5 days; days 6 and 7 are a little different and are designed as springboards for a slightly deeper connection with Jesus and a chance to reflect on the week and what He's been saying to you. 

      With it's beautiful waxy cover and engaging format, the book makes a great gift for a girlfriend too. 

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