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The Proceeds

Part of the dream of this book was that the reader would be blessed, as would other less fortunate women across the world. It's exciting to see how many lives are being changed, one book at a time. 

Sewing a blessing...

Any devotional bought for you, (or a friend or a loved one), to help you become more confident in the truth about you, also helps some of the poorest women on earth in Burundi. The money is being used to buy sewing machines for women suffering from HIV, prostitutes, orphans or widows. These women are reached by a project called Together for Development. 

The project...

This project teaches these women new skills so they can earn a living to support themselves and any family they have. It offers them hope for a future, dignity and security. And very significantly, at the same time, they hear about the love of the Father; so they too can discover their true identity - that they're precious and chosen, despite what life has thrown at them. The sewing training school offers a six-month programme, and at the end, they graduate and get together in groups to start a small sewing cooperative.

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